Customer reviews

„We are very happy with your translations. They are well accepted by our headquarter...”

Suzuki International Europe GmbH

„Your last translation was super, which is why I would like you to translate this technical work instruction as well.“

Alstom Schweiz

"Thank you for your excellent work!"

Technica AG

"Thank you for your help. It's great working with pros such as yourselves."

Imoberdorf AG

"... We hope to continue the great work we do with you."

Hugo Boss AG

"Many thanks – we really are more than satisfied.
We are delighted that working with you has been such a success!"

Sellery Advertising Forces Networks GmbH

"I can assure you that other providers will have to try hard to measure up to your standards: innovation, consistency, quality, professionalism! You set the bar high."

Netstal Maschinen AG

"Thank you for the translation.
Incidentally, it's fun to work with you! The translations that you deliver are just great and we can always rely on you one hundred percent."


"I'm now back in the office and have been able to take a look at the German translation of the press release. I think it's very good and several things have been resolved very well stylistically."

Cham Paper Group

"Thank you so much for the very quick and, above all, professional translation. You helped us out a lot. I know that I have found a reliable partner in you for my next translation and would be happy to choose you again!"

Sto AG

"Thank you for the wonderful translation!"


"All I can say is you're the best!"

Karl Küfner KG

"By the way, our Italian-speaking colleagues highly praised your last translation once again!"

Cham Paper Group

„Thanks for the fast translation and the supplementary text. We enjoy working with you!"

WMS Engineering GmbH

"Thanks so much to you and your team of polyglots for the fast translation assistance. There was no red tape and it really helped us out. We will be sure to 'translate' this help into a translation job for you at the next opportunity."

Gruppe Drei GmbH

„Many thanks for the professional translation."


„Congratulations on the first-class translation. Pros were definitely at work here.”

ABB Ltd.

"The translation of the SPC brochure is simply brilliant. I'm especially delighted that all the terminology is correct."


"The quality provided by your office is outstanding."

Alstom Ltd

"We received so much praise for the successful translations last year and would be delighted if you could use the same translator this time as well."

Cham Paper Group

"Firstly, a big thank you for the very well-prepared translation of the Profiline catalogue. Our advertising agency was really impressed! Keep up the good work!"

Wahl GmbH

"A massive compliment to you for your reliability! I will recommend you to everybody!"

Karl Küfner KG

"...Thank you as well for providing such an excellent service once again."

Quadrant AG

"Dear Horner team, thank you very much for the excellent, prompt translations. We are very happy with the service you provide."

Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH

"... As was already evident at first glance, your translations were very well done. As such, we would be happy to work with you again in the future."

3A Composites International AG

"Many thanks for the fast and, as always, highly satisfactory work."

Netstal Maschinen AG

„You're fantastic! I'd like to say a big thank you for the excellent translation of this chick tome.“

BWB Werkzeugmaschinen AG

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Automotive industry

Amtek Tekfor GmbH
BMW Group
Burkhardt Systemtechnik GmbH
Classic Motors GmbH
Fürstlich Hohenzollernsche Werke GmbH & Co
Geiger Antriebstechnik GmbH

Hoeckle GmbH
Hymer AG
Infiniti Europe
Jaguar LandRover Deutschland GmbH
Karl Küfner KG

Robert Bosch GmbH
Siemens VDO Automotive AG
Suzuki International Europe GmbH
Volkswagen AG
Wecon Schweiz AG

Chemical industry / Plastic industry / Packaging Technology

3A Composites International AG
ABG Packmat Maschinenbau GmbH
A.Raymond GmbH & Co. KG
BASF Aktiengesellschaft
CaGo Chemie GmbH
Cellpack GmbH
Chemspeed Ltd.
Chronos Richardson Systems GmbH
Diegel GmbH
Duratherm GmbH
Drumag GmbH Fluidtechnik

Frisetta Kunststoff GmbH
Gammaflux Europe GmbH
Georg Utz AG
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
Güdel AG
H. Müller Fabrique de Moules SA
Hofmann-La Roche AG
Interplast GmbH
Lanco AG
LOFO High Tech Film GmbH
MG Silikon GmbH

Mold & Hotrunner Technology AG
Netstal Maschinen AG
Quadrant AG
Rettenmaier & Söhne GmbH + Co
Rotho Gmbh & Co KG
SLG Kunststofffabrik und Formenbau GmbH
Vita Zahnfabrik GmbH

Energy engineering / Power plant technology

Alstom Power (Schweiz) AG
AF-Colenco AG
Buss SMS Canzler GmbH

ECM Ingenieur-Unternehmen für Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH
Fliegl Energie GmbH
Imtech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Kraftanlagen München GmbH
Senergie GmbH
Siemens AG

Mechanical engineering / Plant construction / Apparatus engineering

Alstom AG
Bartsch GmbH
BWB Werkzeugmaschinen AG
eps GmbH
Erne Metallbau GmbH
Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH
Havemo AG
Helmut Hechinger GmbH& Co KG
H. Müller Fabrique de Moules SA
Imoberdorf AG, Maschinenfabrik
JW Froehlich GmbH, Maschinenfabrik

Josef Köberlein, Maschinen- und Vorrichtungsbau
Laempe & Mössner GmbH
Mevaco GmbH
MUT Tschamber
Netstal Maschinen AG
Pfeifer Holding GmbH & Co KG
Pfiffner AG
Pletscher AG
Promitec GmbH
RMW Rotenburger Metallwerke GmbH
Schaco AG

Schmid AG
Steinel Normalien GmbH
Stribel GmbH
Stulz Gruppe
SWECON Baumaschinen GmbH
Technica AG
Thermoselect Heavy Machinery AG
uviterno AG
Werner Kamann Maschinenfabrik GmbH
& Co. KG
Wolffkran AG
Wurst Metalltechnik GmbH
Zufag AG

Electronics / Electrical engineering

ABB Schweiz AG
ABB Semiconductors AG
Alstom Vakuumschalttechnik
Alstom (Switzerland) Ltd.
Bruker Biospin GmbH

Bucher Hydraulics AG
Crown Technics Ltd.
EAO Elektroapparatebau Olten
Grässlin GmbH
Hechinger GmbH

ITT GmbH (General Semiconductor)
Leurocom Electronic Displays GmbH
R&S Systems GmbH Rohde&Schwarz
Wehrle Elektronik GmbH

IT / Telecommunications

EDS Information Business GmbH
ePages Software GmbH

IBM Schweiz

Swisscom AG

Coatings / Paints / Insulation

Inotec GmbH

Verotec GmbH

FreiLacke - Emil Frei GmbH & Co

Aviation / Cable cars

Inauen-Schätti AG

Pilatus Aircraft

Paper processing / Printing equipment / Printing industry

Cham Paper Group

Foellmer GmbH
Hunkeler AG

Tampoprint GmbH
Wetzel GmbH

Quality management organisations

DGQ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualitätsförderung
DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.

EFQM European Foundation for Quality Management, Brüssel

SAQ Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Qualitätsförderung (Neosys)

Universities / Training institutions / Consultants

ABB Process & Business Consultants
AGR Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gesunder Rücken
AKAD Hochschule – IMQ Institut für Management und Qualitätsförderung
ASCO Association of Management Consultants Switzerland
E & E Information Consultants AG

Ernst & Young
Lernzentren LfW
Liebich + Partner AG
Interchina Consulting
Natau Management und Beratungs GmbH

pod networks GmbH
Steinbeis Transferzentrum
Tectem – Universität St. Gallen
Werd-Verlag (Geschichte-Texte)
Wülser Inversini Organisationsberatung GmbH

Advertising / Public relations

Ad-lake GmbH
AIT-Online, Gesellschaft für Knowhow-Transfer in Architektur und Bauwesen mbH
agenturwitt GmbH
ADE Public Relations
Biegert & Funk GmbH + Co KG
Bogen Imaging GmbH
C&F Agentur für Werbung und
Dokumentation GmbH

com-a-tec GmbH
fairXperts GmbH
IRM Werbeagentur GmbH
Klenk & Hoursch GmbH & Co.KG
Pagepoint GmbH
Panama Werbeagentur GmbH
Print Styling GmbH

Richter GmbH
Sellery Advertising Forces Network GmbH
Südpol – Die Agentur
Tanner Werbung GmbH
Werbegraphik Blender
Wildwechsel GbR

Engineering offices / Plant engineering

Decursio GmbH
G + M Ingenieurbüro GmbH
Nowingtec GmbH

RK Prozeßtechnik
Thyssen Engineering & Systems

Wiegershaus Schönheit
WMS-engineering GmbH

Food industry / Breweries

Hitec Food Equipment B.V.
Max Felchlin AG

Rühle Lebensmitteltechnik GmbH
Tannenhof Schwarzwälder Spezialitäten GmbH

Privatbrauerei Waldhaus GmbH

Solar technology / Environmental engineering

Sunways AG
SolarWorld AG


MUEG Mitteldeutsche Umwelt- und Entsorgungs GmbH

Analytical and process measurement technology

Sick Maihak GmbH
STS Sensortechnik Sirnach AG

MS Systems AG

Drumag Fluidtechnik GmbH

Process engineering / Automation technology / Precision technology

ept GmbH

Finnatec Prozessanlagen GmbH

Wetron Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Textile industry


Lauffenmühle GmbH
Oui Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG

Synteen & Lückenhaus GmbH


Bruder Spielwaren GmbH
Dietiker AG
Gehrig Group AG

Sedus Stoll
Girsberger Holding AG
Stoll Giroflex AG

Tecum Industrieprodukte GmbH
yaweco GmbH

Miscellaneous sectors

Alfer Aluminium GmbH
Alumiumwerke Wutöschingen GmbH
Dr. Ing. Busch GmbH, Systembau
Dynamit Nobel GmbH
Glas Trösch AG
Golf Club Baden – Baden e.V.
Kirkwood Industries GmbH

Kleenoil Deutschland GmbH
Nuwec Sàrl
Pfannenstiel Immobilien AG
Rieker Schuh GmbH
Robotec AG
Sparkasse Hochrhein
St. Jude Medical AG

Sauter Pianofortemanufaktur GmbH
Schleith GmbH Tief- und Straßenbau
Schmidt Winterdienst- und
Kommunaltechnik GmbH
Unisto GmbH
Vebos AG